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Aim of the Academy

​There is a disconnect between what applied neuroscience shows and what organisations do.  At the Academy of Organisational Neuroscience we close the gap by sharing evidence based teaching, training, leadership and learning.  Contact us to strengthen your influence to improve learning outcomes, teaching strategies and leadership impact.


  • Coaching and empowering leaders to better align their practices to the way the brain operates and the way the brain learns best to strengthen their influence.

  • Customising solutions to meet the contextual needs of organisations around leadership and learning to position teams to make more informed decisions.

  • Mastering communication to be a change agent through powerful learning conversations.

  • Building strategic leaders as performance coachers.

  • Helping schools build systems and cultures that improve student and teacher learning.

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About Dr. Judi Newman

Dr Newman is the director and founder of the company who has a PhD in Organisational
Neuroscience. Her work is unique in that her academic and practical background is across
education, psychology and neuroscience. She is a leading Australian expert in social
cognitive neuroscience, renowned for being able to draw on her leadership experience as a former high school principal and executive coach to make meaning and contextualise
insights into human motivation, learning and influence. Her passion for optimum brain
function is grounded in her PhD research resonating with leaders beyond schools.


Specifically, her work is focussed on identifying a leader’s attributes in order to strengthen
their leadership influence, collaborating with teachers (and learners) about how the brain
learns best, training leaders in bran based executive coaching and working with industry and business about how to refine decision making and build high performing teams.

Read Dr Newman's 

Professional Paper 

Dr. Newman's Qualifications and Experience


  • Certificates in sub-fields of Neuroscience 

  • Diploma of Teaching

  • Bachelor of Education 

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

  • Masters of Learning Management

  • PhD (Applied Neuroscience)


  • Executive Coaching License 

  • MBTI Accreditation

  • Certified Master Neuroplastican


  • Former High School Principal

  • Former Lead Principal (Leadership Coach)

  • University Curriculum Developer (Neuroscience of Leadership)

  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer CQU

  • Associate Research Supervisor

  • Director, The Academy of Organisational Neuroscience

Professional Associations

  • Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP)

  • Fellow of the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience (ION)

  • Registered Teacher - Department of Education Queensland


  • The Paul Anderson Prize for the Most Outstanding Thesis in an Academic Year (2022)

  • ACEL New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship (2023)

  • CQU Alumni Award for Leadership In Industry (2015)

  • DOE Research Bursary for Leadership (2010)

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