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Become a Brainwise School

A brain-wise academy school approaches leadership and learning through an evidence based lens of applied neuroscience. The school applies neuroscience as the pedagogical framework for their leadership approach, professional development and training and learning/teaching strategies. Most schools take about 18 months to become a brain wise academy school.


To meet the requirements of a brain wise school you need to:

  • Train the senior leadership team in brain based executive coaching skills, an essential tool for building the performance and leadership in others. (4 face to face days over 18 months)

  • Workshop all teachers and teaching aides in ‘How the brain learns best’ and ‘The eight steps to engage the learner’. (1 day)

  • Train the trainer (TTT) program. Train 4-12 staff of your choice in applied neuroscience to build their capacity and confidence to lead the implementation, induction of new staff and on-going PDT as a brain-wise school. (1 day).

  • One person from TTT group becomes an Academy Associate to receive monthly resources, in the form of a newsletter, to continue to deepen their knowledge and support their work.

  • Update PDT every two years with the Academy (1 day). The day can be tailored to your needs on further discussion with Dr. Judi.

Benefits of becoming a Brain-wise Academy School

  1. Teaching, learning, training and leadership is underpinned by evidence-based practice.

  2. Access to a pedagogical framework informed by a neuroscience lens.

  3. Academy folder to support the work of the school in regard to PDT and induction of new staff in whole school brain-wise practices.

  4. Monthly newsletters for the Academy Associate including recommended reading, links to professional papers, practical teaching, learning and leadership strategies and Academy events.

  5. A set of coaching cards for the senior leadership team.

  6. A set of books called “Coach the Human, Not the Content.”

  7. A set of books called “The Eight Steps to Engage the Learner.”

  8. USB for files of resources to support program.

  9. Email badge to show the school is a Brain Based Academy School.

  10. Zoom session with the senior leadership team pre and post program.

  11. RPL from Central Queensland University for the neuroeducation masters course.

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