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Face to Face Workshops

Judi offers workshops that are interactive and engaging. Participants walk out with a set of practical strategies they can use the very next day.


1. Building Strategic Leaders Around You
  • Understanding the emotional, social and thinking brain

  • The SIMs model and the role of emotion

  • The 12 leadership attributes

  • Using the leadership reflective tool

  • How to adjust and strengthen your influence behaviours

  • Developing agility in changing brain states

  • Strategies to maintain your calm composure

  • Agitate and contribute states

  • Prime for conversational chemistry

  • Identifying your leadership strengths and edges

  • How to distribute your leadership and grow other leaders

Establish Trust

  • Integrity: The 18 trust behaviours

  • Humility: The Okojo protocol

  • Strength: Fierce influence and ownership

  • Clarity: Look through the ten windows to mitigate cognitive bias

  • Positivity: The Motivation Response Model

Establishing Rapport

  • Connectedness

  • Collaboration

  • Appreciation

Establishing Growth

  • Challenge: Train the team in brain based coaching

  • Purpose: The Whyness table

  • Communication: Become a master communicator and prime for conversational chemistry

  • Autonomy

2. Building High Performance Teams
  • Develop a team purpose aligned with the vision

  • Clarity roles and expectations

  • Draw up an accountability chart

  • Examine the blockers and enablers for high performance

  • Explore team personality types

  • Build on the diversity of the team

  • Explore triggers to human motivation

  • Collect 360 feedback for self growth

  • Understand the complexities of change management and the brain

  • Differentiate leadership style to manage, mentor and coach

  • Clarify communication and decision making cycles

  • Understand cognitive bias and decision making

  • Plot the team on a code of behaviour line

  • Learn how to build a high performance learning culture

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1. How The Brain Best Learns
  • Understanding neuroplasticity

  • How to strengthen neural connections

  • What happens at neural level when we think and learn

  • Learn memory techniques

  • Explore interleaving

  • Cognitive overload

  • Strategies for error detection

  • Developing critical and curious thinkers

  • Wellness and the brain

  • Understanding the learning curve

  • Practical brain break activities

2. Differentiate 
  • Understand that every brain is different and why

  • Thee 13 brain strengths and strength charts

  • Ways of differentiating to make learning accessible

  • The unique teenage brain and practical strategies

  • The early years brain and practical strategies

  • Trauma and the brain

  • Impact of drugs on the brain

  • Restorative discipline with dignity

3. How to Engage the Learner
  • The eight steps to engage the learner

  • The brainwise classroom

  • High yield teaching and learning strategies

4. Reshape your School from the Brain Up
  • Leading the steps and process of becoming a brainwise school

  • Shared common practices in every classroom

  • Shared language and high performance learning culture

  • Evidence based teaching and learning strategies

5. Debunking neuromyths

  • Separating opinion from the research

  • Identifying the new and latest from the old and outdated

6. The Teenage brain

  • What makes the adolescent brain different?

  • Conversations we can have with your teenager.

  • How to adapt learning for the teenager's brain.

7. The early childhood brain and trauma

  • Developmental sensitive rewiring

  • Calming the brain stem in times of stress

  • The importance of love and a calm disposition 


8. Neuroscience as a pedagogical framework

  • Reshaping your school from the brain up

  • The importance of spaced recall

  • The importance of gradual release

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