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The Academy of Organisational Neuroscience Australia

Boosting influence through strengthening leadership and learning impact, for high performing learning cultures through a neuroscience lens.

Without changes in the neuroplasticity of the brain there is limited learning and behaviour change. Know how to change mindset, thinking and behaviour for new habits to lift performance and strengthen influence. 


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About The Academy of Organisational Neuroscience Australia (AONA)

Courage, Growth, Influence.

There is a disconnect between what applied neuroscience shows and what organisations do. At the Academy of Organisational Neuroscience we close the gap by sharing evidence based teaching, training, leadership and learning. Our mission is to boost influence through strengthening leadership impact and learning uptake for leaders, teachers, coaches, trainers and learners. Get in touch with us to identify your leadership strengths and improve learning outcomes in your school or organisation.

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Dr. Judi Newman

Dr. Newman is a leading Australian expert in social cognitive neuroscience, with a passion for optimum brain function. Her work is grounded  in her PhD research, resonating with leaders beyond school.


What we Offer

Dr. Judi Newman is a prominent leadership expert and highly sought after guest speaker and executive coach.  She has a proven track record in leadership and an academic background in alignment to her work. The cutting edge brain based coaching and leadership program is a direct pathway to the Masters of Educational Neuroscience at CQ University.  Up to four subjects RPL, an opportunity for busy professionals not to be missed. She offers presentations in:

1. Foundations in applied neuroscience

2. The science of learning

3. Strengthening leadership influence  by understanding the brain

4. Brain development in the early years

5. The teenage brain

6. Building strategic leadership confidence in aspiring leaders

7. Improving thinking and memory

8. Using neuroscience as a pedagogical framework to enhance teaching

9. Brain based executive coaching training

10. Practical strategies for teaching and learning for evidence based practice

Teachers and leaders are brain changers.  Unlock the science of learning and behaviour  to strengthen your influence on performance. 

Open events: 

ULead conference, Banff, Canada, April 7-8 2025 Keynote

"Redefining leadership through a neuroscience lens"

Practical study of Law in Education, Banff, Canada, April 9 2025 Workshop

"Brainwise strategies for at risk students."

ACEL National Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, October 2, Workshop

"Teachers are brain changers: Reshape your school from the brain up."

ACEL, Sydney, NSW, November 8 2024, Masterclass

"Teachers are brain changers: Reshape your school from the brain up."

Institute of Organisational Neuroscience Round Table HUB, May 28, 2024 Zoom

"It may not be the learner.  It might be the teaching."


Private events:

Monash Manningham Principals Conference, May 17 2024, Victoria, Keynote

Haven, Emu Park, 24-25 July Girls Grammar 

Brentwood Secondary College, Melbourne, July 30 2024

Rockhampton Girls Grammar, 13 August, 2024

Victorian Academy for Leadership and Learning 7, 20 August 2024

Victorian Association of Secondary Principals, 15 August 2024 Melbourne, keynote

Bray Park Group, 17 October, 2024


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